Update on Missouri Payroll Items

Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) – Missouri is one of 14 states with an advance from the Federal Unemployment funds. Based on the outstanding amounts due to the Federal Unemployment system, Missouri employers will pay for each employee earning $7,000 or more the 2013 base FUTA tax of $42 and the additional FUTA of $.63 (a total of $105). If the advances are not repaid to the Federal Unemployment system, the scheduled 2014 base FUTA tax is $42 and the additional FUTA will be $84 (a total of $126).

Missouri Minimum Wage – Effective January 1, 2014 the Missouri minimum wage will be $7.50. Tipped employees wages must also total $7.50 per hour. Employers are required to pay tipped employees at least 50% of the minimum wage, or the amount necessary to bring the employee’s total compensation to a minimum of $7.50 per hour.

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